Appreciation to UKDTR and the service they provide ..

This is what happened to me ..

Sitting in a high seat yesterday evening, a Muntjac buck came out into the open half an hour before dusk.

It was only about 70 yards and I felt very confident taking a neck shot.

My rifle is very accurate and consistent, I shoot it often and at that sort of distance I expect a 100% success rate.

Unfortunately, although the buck was down instantly, he was very much alive on this occasion.

He’d kicked a few times , then was still for 5 minutes.

He’d fallen into a bit of a hollow so I couldn’t see his whole body, but he appeared very much deceased.

I’d shot a second buck which came to examine the first one immediately after the shot and only he was lying there when I’d made my way over.

The original buck was standing in thick cover, I could just make him out with the thermal and hear his rasping breaths.

I tried to get in a position for a shot, but no joy and he ran into even thicker cover.

I decided at that point to make an early call to Brian from UKDTR for help.

I’d found blood but didn’t want to disturb the shot site too much.

Brian turned out straight away with Henry and was with me quickly as he lives nearby.

A weak blood trail, dense cover, lots of recent muntjac scent and the presence of a carcass made it a really difficult track.

Brian and Henry somehow managed to get us on the right track and we spotted the buck in thick cover with the thermal.

He was still very mobile and made a break for it, only to stop out in the open where I finished the job.

Big thanks to Brian and UKDTR for the outstanding service they provide. It’s good to know that when it inevitably goes a bit wrong, there are great tracking dogs with very skilled handlers on the end of the phone.

Thanks again Brian and Henry for a top job.

You can also find a tracking team via this link