Welcome to the new UKDTR website!

UKDTR has a new look website making it much easier for Stalkers and Hunters to find a tracking team near to them when needed with our Find a tracker service.

Using state-of-the-art Geo Location software, the stalkers position is determined down to approx 500m, enabling UKDTR to deploy their nearest trackers helping to minimise the time from shot to locating the animal. Extremely simple to use and mobile phone friendly.

The new website also allows users to book into one of our training events with ease… that’s when things get back to normal!

Please could all admin and callout team members login and update their profiles and locations.

Thanks – Site Admin.

How to find a tracker

Click the button below to go to the ‘find a tracker’ page on UKDTR.


Once on this page, simply click the ‘Find My Location’ button to automatically detect your location and search for trackers nearest to you.

You can chage the radius of the search with the slider and then click submit to search again with the new radius.

Note: Please make a note of your location shown in the address field, the tracker will need this to locate you.

UKDTR Newsletter

3 hour old tracking test

UKDTR has just completed it’s first 3 hour tracking tests in Scotland since lockdown was enforced back in March.

We tested 9 tracking teams with 7 passing.

UKDTR needs more tracking teams in this part of Scotland as well as Northern England, so we are looking forward to seeing some of these teams back for their 20 hour test in the new year.