UKDTR did some testing in Dorset on sunday, and I witnessed some fantastic cold scent work from a tracking team with a GWP, a young two year old bitch who didn’t put a foot wrong on a twenty hour old trail in very dry conditions, 600 plus meters in length with turns and a back track.
They bumped a roe buck on the track but continued on after a brief stop to let it disappear over the horizon, after that the dog was pretty much on rails all the way till the end.
Alan and Sky passed with a first.
Handler also completed his shot site ID and explained an appropriate action after each correct ID,
Just the online handler training and best practice to do and we will have another team to help when called.
Congratulations team Alan.

There was also another tracking team who had travelled all the way from Cornwall who were taking their 20 hour tracking test and trying to become a full member of UKDTR, On the day Richiee and his GWP struggled with the conditions and it was not to be, Richiee was of course very disappointed but has taken onboard some of the advice given by the judges and has gone away to work on some of those points and will be back another day, I know with the help and support of other UKDTR members he will be OK next time.

Tony Lowry
UKDTR Chairman